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Every Detail Counts

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

When planning your wedding, it can be easy to focus on all of the big details. Getting lost in Catering, DJ's, Photographers, and Planners seems like the best way to get everything checked off of a list!

I have seen couples time and time again focus on all of the big details they 'need' to please their guests that they forget that this day is truly about celebrating their love and relationship. Planning this day is to celebrate YOU. Don't get lost in pleasing all of your guests that you lose sight of what you as a couple like.

Getting excellent vendors IS absolutely a key ingredient in planning a wedding. However, make sure you're choosing vendors that compliment YOU as a couple. Find little ways to make sure that however you decide to plan out your day, you as a couple are seen woven through every detail.

Here are 5 Details to Showcase your Uniqueness as a Couple:

  1. Favors. If you have it in your budget, you can create a gift for your guests that they can remember you by! Some of my favorite favors are: signature scented candles from candle lovers, succulents from plant parents, coffee beans for coffee lovers, treats for pets from fur parents, mugs for the coffee & cocoa obsessed, seeds for a garden from the green thumbs, and monogrammed coozies!

  2. Thank you letters to guests at each table. This way you can express your gratitude to all those attend.

  3. Activities you enjoy as a couple available for all to partake in such as: corn hole, yard games, board games, karaoke, dancing, roasting marshmallows, trivia, and speeches.

  4. Serve a meal or dessert you as a couple actually like. Love tacos? Have a taco bar! Coffee conesumer? Create a coffee bar! You don't like cake? Choose a dessert you like and serve that!

  5. Unique ceremony additions. Express your union and commitment to one another during your wedding ceremony in a unique way such as: foot washing, communion, pot a plant, unity sand, build a puzzle, write your own vows, etc.

Don't be afraid to break the stereotypes of weddings and create your own traditions and make your day your own!

What is something unique you've seen at a wedding that stood out to you?

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